Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good Night and Good Luck

My favorite movie of the two I watched. This movie shows the courage it takes to be a good reporter and the risks you take if you want to be the best at something. This was GREAT acting, George Clooney, David Strathairn, Patricia Clarkson, Ray Wise (Don Hollenbeck), Robert Downey Jr. all did a great job at portraying the event that happened at CBS during that particular era.
The fearlessness in a sense by the crew to go forth with a story that could possibly end their careers is admirable. To me this story kind of hit close to home, only because there was a part were Edward Murrow is talking to the American people about Senator McCarthy’s actions and says “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we dig deep into our history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descendants from fearful men. Not from men who feared to write to associate to speak and to defend the cause that were for the moment unpopular” like immigration reform. To me this movie made me want to fight and keep fighting for what I feel is a just cause.
The way each character in the movie seems to really be afraid of what could happen to them makes you really believe they are the character. It almost seems as if I was looking into a room as the incidents were actually occurring. It also made me wonder if covering up information was possible then what makes it impossible now.
Reporters, writers, editors, journalist all try to be bipartisan try to report meaningful stories, pieces that really mean something that should be heard, unfortunately that does not sale. Now days it seems what Mr. Murrow feared has come true, television is for entertainment for the most part. Reporting has become such a joke at times that you wonder what is fact and what is fiction. I am sure he broke barriers for many people after him, but if he was around now, would he be content with what journalism/ reporting has become?

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass was somewhat of a sad story and also eye opening; I say this because it shows to what lengths some people will go to obtain what they want. Unfortunately I believe our society has become a pool for fame seeking individuals.

A young writer wanting to be the best and have the best stories does the unthinkable and fabricates just about all of his stories. It starts off with him talking to a class back at a school/college he attended and telling them what it takes to become a writer at “The New Republic” magazine. As it continues it is also telling you the story about all the events that took place up until he was fired. I was lost for a minute but when it concludes with him daydreaming about himself being in the classroom when he was actually with an attorney trying to settle the case brought against him by the magazine you realize he is sick. This part of the story helps you to understand how this young man’s mind works and what he really is, a compulsive liar and that is pretty much it.

He makes up story after story and it’s not until he makes up one about the National Assembly of Hackers and creates a fake company which ended up paying a hacker to work for them that he gets caught. An online magazine editor is pretty upset his guy did not get the story first, so when the writer starts “fact checking” to do a follow up, he realizes he probably was handed an even better story. Hayden Christensen, who plays Stephen Glass does a great job at making you dislike him. I guess for some people the guy who is OVERLY nice and tries hard would be liked; however, for me he is just a bit annoying. The acting was great, and I believed each character was equally true to their role; the figments of his imagination (teenage kid, agent, hacker convention) were just as creepy as he was.

CBS did a story on him years later, and he steel seemed to be as lost about his actions as he seemed in the movie. I believe he had serious issues, and could possible still need help but I am no expert. In his interview with CBS he indicated how he knew what they would expect for “fact checking” and made it to where they would not question him, which is what made it easy for his stories to be printed. If he is aware now that he was avoiding getting caught and still claims that some part of his stories were true some stories were fake, it just seems he would apologize and move on. In his case he wrote a book and was still trying to have his name out there. It is sad because so many young people and people in general would rather be known for anything than just do what they love and appreciate that they are blessed alone to just have the opportunity to do it. I did go to The New Republic Website and searched for Stephen Glass to see if there were any stories about him that they kept for the “history” section of the website, there wasn’t.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post 5

If I really think I will like it, movies first. I think on average I go about 3 -4 times a month, could be more. Then rent, then TV most movies I like I watch on TV for the 2nd or 3rd time. If I see a movie on TV I like I will rent it cause I want to watch it in its entirety
About A Boy – it’s a sweet movie about a man who realizes what love and friendship is really about after a long time of being alone. Looking out for number one is good, until he is forced into a friendship with a 12yr old boy, and realizes how being a part of others life’s is not so bad. It’s a bit of a love story not so much of cheesy love story (prince charming meets Cinderella and they live happily ever after) but more realistic.
Seven- this is a bit more of a “thriller” it’s about a serial killer who is basing himself on the “seven deadly sins” – wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. It made me think about each sin, and just question myself on my own believes or principals for that matter which may be along the lines of a “sin” LOL it was just a well thought out movie, the ending was the best for me. I think it was how the murder ends up turning the table on the “good guy” and how we are all capable of sin, just depends on the situation.

Crash- This may be my favorite! It has prejudice, racism and hatred all in one movie and all felt by a variety of cultures and races. It reminds us how we are all capable of it even when we think we aren’t and how easy it is to stereotype.

Post 4

Well, I am new to San Antonio and do not spend enough time in my truck to listen to any one station. Plus as soon as I hear the announcers I change it. It was kind of the same back in Houston; I did listen to the “Rula and Ryan” show in the morning on 104KRBE. He was Dem and she was Republican so I think they kept it pretty neutral. I would definitely not listen to ANY of the country radio stations back in Houston after ANY election because they would make me mad. After the 2004 election I actually stayed away from the country radio stations all together for about 2months. LOL
I also did not like listening to 97.9 “the box” in the mornings. The hosts on that show were equally if not worse than the ones on the country stations. It was a “hip-hop” radio station but they seemed to not even find it necessary to hide their ignorance. They gave me an ulcer a couple of times because of the things they talked about. lol
So I guess I pretty much stay away from radio stations who think because of the line of work they are in EVERYONE cares to hear their opinion instead of staying neutral and keeping their view out of whatever they report. Which I am guessing may be hard, but that is why I opt to not listen all together.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post 3

Well it's hard to answer this one...I moved here from Houston back in August, while I have some friends here I don't see or talk to them every day. Almost my whole family (I am the youngest of ten) are in Houston, so aside from my two kids I don't watch or go anywhere with "adults" so don't get to share my opinions on issues too often,I usually just talk to the TV. LOL I did call my sister in Portland during the state of the union address on Wed. she is not a big fan of our president for many reasons, which I can understand but don't totally agree with. So, we did we did react differently on that some issues.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Post 2

Well, I watch Good Morning America in the mornings, then check the web for anything that they said that caught my interest (mostly politics) I do not watch local news cause it is depressing. If I think it may rain, I will watch the news for the weather forecast, but switch back and forth so I don’t catch anything else. I watch PBS sometimes, again usually when they talk politics, which if I am not mistaken its most of their news coverage. When I hear people (at the store, co-workers, friends, siblings) talk about things and depending on what they say and how interested I am, I will “Google” it and try to find things that are not bias to see what they are talking about. I also get updates from United Farm Workers, and Southern Poverty Law, which again are political/human rights issues that interest me. I think there is always a difference based on who is telling the news, be it because of the news station, paper, or state/city where it’s being told. I try to stay away from any conservative websites, FOX, or reporter who I know makes comments I do not agree with. I also do not watch local news to see who broke into a house, car or stole from a little old lady. I figure crime has no zip code, so you always have to be alert and aware no matter where you live. The only other news I watch is ESPN – Sports center, I like to watch football, and some other sports (mostly football) so like to see where some of the teams stand during the season.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Post 1

Wake up every morning and check Yahoo account, turn on the TV watch it while I get me and the kids ready. Listen to the radio in my car, just music as soon as the radio host starts talking I change it. There are yard signs advertising political views, yard sales, and carpet cleaning. I pass up billboards for restaurants, campaign adds, car dealerships.On occasion I will forget to change the station and hear a commercial on the radio talking about campaigns or restaurants or upcoming events in San Antonio. Watch some TV when I make it home, as I get ready for class. Check my email and Face Book account before I start cooking(not proud of it, but i do it). lol