Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post 4

Well, I am new to San Antonio and do not spend enough time in my truck to listen to any one station. Plus as soon as I hear the announcers I change it. It was kind of the same back in Houston; I did listen to the “Rula and Ryan” show in the morning on 104KRBE. He was Dem and she was Republican so I think they kept it pretty neutral. I would definitely not listen to ANY of the country radio stations back in Houston after ANY election because they would make me mad. After the 2004 election I actually stayed away from the country radio stations all together for about 2months. LOL
I also did not like listening to 97.9 “the box” in the mornings. The hosts on that show were equally if not worse than the ones on the country stations. It was a “hip-hop” radio station but they seemed to not even find it necessary to hide their ignorance. They gave me an ulcer a couple of times because of the things they talked about. lol
So I guess I pretty much stay away from radio stations who think because of the line of work they are in EVERYONE cares to hear their opinion instead of staying neutral and keeping their view out of whatever they report. Which I am guessing may be hard, but that is why I opt to not listen all together.

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