Saturday, January 30, 2010

Post 2

Well, I watch Good Morning America in the mornings, then check the web for anything that they said that caught my interest (mostly politics) I do not watch local news cause it is depressing. If I think it may rain, I will watch the news for the weather forecast, but switch back and forth so I don’t catch anything else. I watch PBS sometimes, again usually when they talk politics, which if I am not mistaken its most of their news coverage. When I hear people (at the store, co-workers, friends, siblings) talk about things and depending on what they say and how interested I am, I will “Google” it and try to find things that are not bias to see what they are talking about. I also get updates from United Farm Workers, and Southern Poverty Law, which again are political/human rights issues that interest me. I think there is always a difference based on who is telling the news, be it because of the news station, paper, or state/city where it’s being told. I try to stay away from any conservative websites, FOX, or reporter who I know makes comments I do not agree with. I also do not watch local news to see who broke into a house, car or stole from a little old lady. I figure crime has no zip code, so you always have to be alert and aware no matter where you live. The only other news I watch is ESPN – Sports center, I like to watch football, and some other sports (mostly football) so like to see where some of the teams stand during the season.

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